AMPED-UP will feature nearly 40 sessions, more than 250 speakers and up to 15 CLE Credits. And the benefit is you can have access to all presented sessions on demand so you can revisit and access content when it is convenient for you.

Designed by plaintiff lawyers, for plaintiff lawyers, AAJ’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs are an unmatched resource for staying ahead of the curve and enhancing your practice. AAJ Education programs feature nationally renowned faculty, updates in a wide range of practice areas, and the latest in trial advocacy topics.

Be sure to take advantage of:

  • The cutting-edge CLE programs offered during AMPED-UP; you can view live stream and a multitude of on demand sessions so you get access to all the offerings available!
  • The newest litigation strategies from AAJ’s Sections and Litigation Groups;
  • A wealth of outstanding reference materials prepared by AAJ faculty for additional learning.

It is more crucial than ever to keep your trial skills honed and to stay abreast of the changing landscape of our practices. AMPED-UP gives you access to education like no other to help you advocate for your clients in this time of change.

Full day
9am - 5pm
Advocacy Track: Using Technology to Enhance Case Preparation and Presentation (Presented with the Stalwarts/Hall of Fame Committee) CLE Program
Technology to Help Your Depositions Run Smoothly
High-Tech Mediation Packages
Panel: A Mediator’s Perspective on Displays During Mediation
When to Bring in a Trial Consultant
Impress the Judge: What Does and Doesn’t Work in Written Documents
Persuasive Arguing and Writing Pre-Trial Statements
More Persuasive Openings and Closings with Technology
Full day
9am - 5pm
Motor Vehicle Collision, Highway and Premises Liability Section/Bus Litigation Group CLE Program
30(b)(6) Corporate Representative Depositions
Data from the EDR and Infotainment System
Identifying Prospective Defendants in Premises Liability Cases
Pain and Suffering of the Elderly: How to Prove It and Get an Award Which Matches the Loss
Moe Levine Arguments: How to Deal with Preexisting Injuries, Complaints, Conditions, and Impairments
Voir Dire and Potential Jurors from Different Cultures
CRPS: What Is It and Why Should I Care?
Full day
9am - 5pm
Products Liability Section CLE Program
Be Your Own Expert: Identifying Product Defects
Crash Avoidance Technologies, Autonomous Vehicles, and Heavy Trucks: Identifying Defects and What to Do When You Do
Emerging CAT Technology Issues
Holding Suppliers of Defective Components Responsible and Comparative Fault in Product Liability Cases
JUUL Issues
Electronic Discovery
Emerging Defects in Consumer Products
UTV Occupant Containment Issues
Emerging Child Safety Seat Issues
Vehicle Download Protocols and Data Limitations
Guard Rail Defects
Product Liability and Workplace Injuries
Personal Jurisdiction in Product Liability Cases
Ethics and Products Liability
Full day
9am - 5pm
Professional Negligence Section CLE Program
Screening and Investigation of Cases
Drafting Document Requests and Requests to Admit in Professional Negligence Cases
Following the Audit Trails
Ethical Considerations of Co-Counseling and Other Recent Ethical Issues
Tips and Tricks for Velvet Killer Cross-Examinations
Winning in Opening Statements
Using Written Discovery in Trial
Technology in the Courtroom

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Full day
9am - 5pm
Advocacy Track: Depositions and Pre-Litigation Strategies for Uncovering Critical Information (Presented with the New Lawyers Division) CLE Program
The Client Interview: Getting the Must-Have Information
Information to Glean During Case Evaluation
Creation of Rules During Discovery
Preparing for the 30(b)(6) Deposition
Discovery and Case Framing
Planning Depositions: Who to Depose and When
Using the Deposition to Set Up Cross-Examination
Deposition Techniques: Exhaustion, Boxing-In, and Summarizing
Expert and Defense Depositions
How to Handle Improper Deposition Etiquette
Full day
9am - 5pm
Trucking Litigation Group CLE Program
Investigating and Documenting the Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Case—Primary Actions and Considerations
Essential Considerations for Federal Practice of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Case
Critical Depositions in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Case—Getting the Documents, People, and Admissions Needed
Trucking Technology: What to Get, How to Get It, and Why Your Case Needs It
Considering Causes of Action and Recurring Issues When Theming the Big Truck Case
Understanding the Transportation Cycle and Discovery Needed in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Case
Staying on the Right Side of the Road: Ethical Considerations for the Big Truck Case
Freight Brokerage and Preemption Updates—The Latest Cases and Developments
Full day
9am - 5pm
Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Group CLE Program
Information coming soon
Full day
9am - 5pm
Sole Practitioner and Small Firm Section CLE Program
Tools to Create Effective Trial and Mediation Exhibits and Market Your Practice
Going Solo—Tips to Make the Process Easier
Helping Your Staff Help You—Cost Effective Tips for Your Office
Managing Client Expectations
Importance of a Business Plan and Vision for Your Firm
Key Skills to Manage and Motivate Staff
Gen X, the Midlife Crisis, and Key Lessons for Our Careers

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Full day
9am - 5pm
Advocacy Track: Jury Bias in the Age of Polarization (Presented with the Jury Bias Litigation Group) CLE Program
Fundamentals of Jury Bias: The Jury Bias Model and What Science Teaches Us About Jury Bias
Building Your Best Case: Applying Jury Research to Discovery and Trial
Voir Dire Goals: Identify the Best Jurors, and the Influencers
Demonstration of a Voir Dire
Voir Dire: Teaching Points
Opening: Telling the Story, Order of Presentation, How Much Is Too Much?
Full day
9am - 5pm
Nursing Home Litigation Group CLE Program
Information coming soon
Full day
9am - 5pm
Women Trial Lawyers Caucus
Information coming soon
Full day
9am - 5pm
Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group CLE Program
Information coming soon
Full day Class Action Litigation Group CLE Program
Information coming soon
Full day Asbestos Litigation Group CLE Program
Update on Talc Litigation
Addressing Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Obligations in Asbestos Settlements
National Legal Decisions Directly Impacting Asbestos Litigation
Update on the Bankruptcy World
Ethics and Civility in the Courtroom
Full day Civil Rights Section/Police Misconduct Litigation Group/ Criminal Law Section CLE Program
Current State of Qualified Immunity
Developing Monell Claims in Correctional Medicine Cases
Municipal Obstruction in Pre-Suit, Discovery, and Settlement
Botched Raids and Rogue Narcotics Units: What Really Happens in Internal Investigations of Officers?
Constitutional Claims Arising from Sexual Assault Cases
First Amendment Cases
Constitutional Issues at the Appellate Level
Overcoming Jury Bias: Tips for the Outsider Civil Rights Lawyer
Half day Admiralty Law Section CLE Program
Admiralty Jurisdiction and Preemption of State Law Claims
Current Issues in Maritime Law
Removal of Admiralty Cases
Handling Helicopter Crashes and Application of Admiralty Law
Half day Social Security Disability Section/ERISA Benefits Litigation Group CLE Program
Ethical Concerns When a Family Member Is Involved
Proving Pain When Imaging Doesn't
Constructing an RFC: What Qualifies as Occasional Use or Marked Limitations and Finding That in the Record When the Record Isn’t Explicit
Update on Employer Liability for Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Update on Employer Liability for Breach of Fiduciary Duty
ERISA Supreme Court Update
Half day Minority Caucus CLE Program
Using the HITECH Letter Effectively
Sourcing Current Case Inventory for Mass Torts and Who to Contact
Technology to Use at Trial
Developing Firm Values, Culture, and Environment to Find and Keep Your Perfect Team
Half day Aviation Law Section CLE Program
Implied Field Preemption, Implied Conflict Preemption, or Complete Immunity? The Preemption Odyssey
Damages in Foreign Plane Crashes: Whose Law Applies, Ours or Theirs?
Litigation of Foreign Aviation Accidents: What Is Left for Plaintiffs to Do?
Half day International Practice Section CLE Program
Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorisations Act
Limits of Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction in Anti-Trafficking Cases
The Fit: IPS Lawyers and the Trafficking Victims Reauthorisation Act—Sum Up
U.S. Claims Against Spanish Hotels
Brexit: Where Is the United Kingdom Now and What Does the Future Hold for Legal Practitioners in the Various Jurisdictions (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)?
Half day Canadian Caucus CLE Program
Avoiding Pitfalls When Dealing with Cross-Border Cases
Delayed Cancer Malpractice: Proving Your Case in Spite of the Odds
A Review of Juries in Canada
Consumer Class Actions—Is There a Way Forward?
In America’s Political Climate, How Does the U.S. Supreme Court Affect Canadian Jurisprudence?
Half day Railroad Law Section/Railroad-Highway Crossing & Derailment Litigation Group/Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) Litigation Group CLE Program
Maximizing the Result for Railroad Victims: Methods for Establishing and Proving Damages
Strategies and Tips for Identifying and Uncovering Critical Liability Evidence and Exposing the Destruction or Concealment of Evidence
Strategies and Tips for Pedestrian Accident Cases in the Railroad Environment
The Anatomy of a Brain Injury: Utilizing Evidence to Understand and Visualize Brain Injuries
Half day Employment Rights Section/Wage and Hour Litigation Group CLE Program
Current Case Updates
Arbitration Tactics and Strategy
Discovery Tactics to Uncover Critical Information
Eliciting Important Testimony: Effective Deposition Strategies
Using and Attacking Experts
Fee Applications: Drafting for Approval
Half day Inadequate Security Litigation Group/Motor Vehicle Collision, Highway and Premises Liability Section CLE Program
Information coming soon
90-minutes Business Torts Section CLE Program
Parallel Tracks—Strategy for Handling Cases Involving Both Litigation and Arbitration
Strategy for Initiating Consumer Arbitration and Overview of Procedural Rules
Benefits That Arbitration Offers to Plaintiffs
90-minutes Elevator and Escalator Injury Litigation Group CLE Program
Information coming soon
90-minutes Family Law Section CLE Program
Family Law and Estates: Survivorship Litigation
Family Law and Estates: Wrongful Death Litigation CLE Program
Survivorship and Wrongful Death Matters from the Family Law Perspective
90-minutes Federal Tort Liability and Military Advocacy Section CLE Program
Information coming soon
90-minutes JUUL Litigation Group CLE Program
JUUL Labs, Inc., Other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, and Key Legal Issues Facing Plaintiffs
Nicotine Addiction and the Impact on the Adolescent Brain
The Current Litigation Landscape and Regulatory Issues from the Local, State, and Federal Levels
90-minutes LGBT Caucus CLE Program
Information coming soon
90-minutes Qui Tam Litigation Group CLE Program
Description of Various Whistleblower Programs
IRS Whistleblowers
Whistleblower Retaliation Protection
90-minutes Resort Tort Litigation Group/Bicycle Litigation Group CLE Program
Information coming soon
90-minutes Workers' Compensation and Workplace Injury CLE Program
An Analysis of the Protz Case: How to Successfully Frame Constitutional Challenges to Workers’ Compensation Statutes
Strategies for Defeating Workers’ Compensation Deform Measures: Lobbying for Effective Change
One hour Early Morning CLE Program
Information coming soon
Half day Sexual Assault Litigation Group CLE Program
Using Fraudulent Concealment to Extend the Statute of Limitation in Sexual Assault Cases
The Importance of Trauma-Informed Litigators Handling Cases
How a Corresponding Criminal Case Can Aid the Civil Case in Sexual Assault Cases
Proving Institutional Negligence in a Sexual Assault Case
Proving Negligence in an Intentional Sexual Assault Case
How to Build Up Damages
Half day Section on Toxic, Environmental and Pharmaceutical Torts (STEP) CLE Program
Confidentiality and Proportionality
The State of Daubert Law and Strategies for Overcoming Expert Challenges
Effectively Employing Rule 23
Settlements—Issues, Mechanics, and Ethics
Current Trends in Mass Torts
Half day Opioids Litigation Group CLE Program Group
Update on MDL Litigation and Settlements
Update on State Cases
The Purdue Bankruptcy and the “Negotiating Class”: Lessons to Learn Moving Forward
Panel: The Road Ahead

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